MuscleTech Clear Muscle Review

MuscleTech Clear Muscle, 168 Count


Clear muscle is the alleged breakthrough product that is supposed to promote extreme recovery times and nearly eliminate catabolism of muscle post workout and through a stress-induced day.

I am currently on my 2nd bottle of this product (168 count bottle). I have mentioned in other posts that I am not new to recovery products but this is my first time taking any form of the chemicals HMB. I did a lot of research prior to taking this product with a ton of mixed reviews. Given the average price per bottle of Clear muscle it had deterred me from ordering for months. A good buddy of mine who is also a personal trainer suggested that I would see results with this product.

I am 5’9″ 182LBP’s and 7.5% Bodyfat. My workout regime is 3 days a work of periodized muscle group training with 1 day rest. typical gym trips are 2-3 hours with 10 minutes pre/post warm/up and cooldown sessions. I do kickboxing and basketball 1-3 days weekly.

Week 1: I didn’t notice much- no aftertaste, change in aesthetics, or major muscle changes.

Week 2: Recovery time began to increase as well as duration of workout energy. The pills are easy enough to take and I was not having any negative benefits so starting about day 10 I was starting to notice a decent benefit

Week 3: This is when the benefits of this product started to show. With most products there is an inherent loading phase and I am assuming it is the same with ClearMuscle. My bodyfat percentage started to decrease, my rep count was progressing at an increasing rate and my lean muscle mass was starting to make very noticeable differences. I would consider myself someone who rates “Fair” as in I am not going to give a product a “Good or better” rating unless it’s honesty. This product started making noticeable changes to the point people were making “Good job bro” comments.

Week 4: Much like week 3 the progress continued. Typically at the first hour I would find it necessary to take in a few carbs, some protein and rest for 5-10 minutes as I progressed my workout. By the beginning of week 4 on this product I felt like a million bucks. It was no longer necessary to take a break and I felt like my normal rest times were becoming less and less (Unless needed for strength training)

I will continue to update progress reports at the end of this next bottle. I highly suggest giving this product a try as I saw results on my very first bottle.

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