Muscletech Plasma Muscle Review

MuscleTech Perfomance Series Plasma Muscle-Building Stack, 84 Count

Plasma muscle is Muscletech’s brand new release in their attempt to make their new PeakATP formula approach. Much like the other products from their new line there is 400mg per 3 pill serving of PeakATP. as well as a new formula called OptiNOS.


Currently I am on my 5th day of taking this product. I will continue to cover the Pros and Cons of this product throughout the cycle.

days 1-5

day 1 this product initially gave me a bit of a “Buzz” feeling much like a caffeine high. I have an extremely high tolerance to caffeine so I was excited to find a product that has no apparent stimulant effects give me such a pep. I am assuming the initial buzz was due to the OptiNOS formula as I have been taking PeakATP for the passed 32 days consecutively.

As for muscle recovery on days 1-5 I have been hitting the gym (After a 12 hour shift at a clinic) for 2-3 hour 3 days on 1 day of and a side schedule of basketball. While I can say it may be too soon to truly gauge this product I have been around the block with recovery product throughout my personal training career and this product definitely has some great properties.

I will continue to update but my current rating for the Plasma Muscle by Muscletech

Days 1-5 rating:

Pump- 4/5

Recovery 4/5

Taste N/A pill form

Stomach pains or nauseousness 2/5

Noticeable strength gains 3/5 (too soon to truly gauge)

Worth the money: (So far)

Overall 4.5/5

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