NASM Registry practice test 1

Arterioles branch out into a multitude of microscopic blood vessels known as ? capillaries

2. Beta blockers typically have what effect on client’s heart rate? decrease heart rate

3. Clients who posess an anteriorly rotated pelvis should initially not use which equipment? bicycle

4. Client who exhibits the movement compensation of excessive forward lean during an overhead squat should NOT foam roll which muscles ? vastus lateralis

5. T/F CPR should be administered to anyone who is not breathing and has no pulse? True

6. During overhead squat assessment a client’s arms fall forward. Which stretch would be appropriate? static lat stretch

7. during overhead squat assessment client demonstrates an arched lower back. which stretch is most appropriate for this compensation? static kneeling hip flexor stretch

8. an example of a severe BMI score begins where? 35

9. the functional unit of a muscle formed by repeating sections of actin and myosin and lies spaces in the between to Z lines is? sarcomere

10. how many times more likely are individuals that are certain about what they want to accomplish successful in accomplishing their goals than those who are less certain? 6x more likely

11. If client’s low back arches while pressing overhead it is indicative of what? overactive latissimus dorsi

12. lifestyle questions the health and fitness professional should ask a client in the initial assessment include what? recreational activities

13. A lunge to two arm dumbbell press is considered what type of exercise? total-body strength

14. Obesity related health problems begin when person’s BMI exceeds?  25

15. What are optimum run strides? 2.1-2.5 times the leg length

16. the preferred resistance training system for using the OPT model is?  vertical loading

17. the process of using agonists and synergists to dynamically move the joint into a range of motion is known as? active-isolated stretching

18. Skin fold, bioelectrical impedance and underwater weighing assess what? body fat

19. static stretching requires holding muscle at point of tension for how many seconds? 20

20. total volume of work performed within a specific period of time is known as?  training volume

21. trauma to the tissue of the body creates inflamation resulting in muscle spasm and adhesions. If left unchecked, adhesions can begin to form permanent structural changes in soft tissues evident by which law?  Davies law

22. using durnin wormersley formula to asses and measure body fat percentage requires measurement of which 4 skin fold sites?  biceps, triceps, subscapular and iliac crest

23. what are guidelines for adequate excessive and potentially harmful intake of a nutrient for normal individuals?  dietary reference intake

24. What is an example of a core-stabilization exercise? prone iso abs

25. what is not a form of belief? motivation

26. what is not a potential response in the system when a stressor is too much to handle? muscle spasm

27. what is recommended rest interval between pairs when training in the power level of OPT? 1-2 minutes

28. When excited which of the following sensory receptors will cause an activated muscle to relax via autogenic inhibition? Golgi tendon organs

29. which energy source(s) are used while training in the first phase of the OPT stabilization endurance training? oxidative and glycolysis

30. Which muscles are involved in the inspiration phase? pectoralis minor

31. what does SCAMPI stand for?  specific, challenging, approach, measurable, proximal and inspirational

32.What equation is used to measure client’s BMI? weight (kg)/height (meters squared)

33. what is one of the most powerful predictors of success? belief

34. What is the correct position of the back leg during the cable rotation exercise? triple extension

35. What is the name of movement of a body part away from the middle of the body? abduction

36. what is the RDA for protein? .8/kg/d

37. what motion is the rectus abnominus responsible for? concentrically accelerating spinal flexion

38. What muscle is tight/overactive if clients feet turn out during overhead squat assessment ? soleus

39. what percentage of communication is based on physiology? 55%

40. When conducting waist to hip ratio, what is the range for women and men above which may put them at risk for disease? .80(w) and .95(m)

41. T/F  When designing a core training program for a new client, they should be progressed by starting with a slow, steady tempo with gradual increase? True

42. When sprinting, proper backside mechanics include what movement? ankle plantar flexion

43. When taking blood pressute what are normal diastolic pressure ranges? 80-85 mm Hg

44. Which exercise is performed predominantly in the sagital plane of motion? bicep curls

45. which group of nutrients can cause serious adverse effects including birth defects, calcification of blood vessels and damage to sensory nerves? A,D and B6

46. Which heart rate zone increases endurance and trains anaerobic threshold? Zone 2

47. Which muscle is primarily responsible for concentrically accelerating hip flexion and internal rotation? tensor fascia latae

48. Which section of the heart gathers reoxygenated blood from the lungs to send out to the body? left atrium

49. which sensory receptor is most sensitive to change in length and the rate at which that change in length occurs? muscle spindles

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